Unfortunately car crime is increasing in the UK as thieves develop new and sophisticated ways to remove vehicles from their owner’s possession. 
Thieves are using high-tech equipment to bypass vehicle security and/or pick the locks of motorhomes, transit vans, SUVs and sports cars across the UK. 
Specialist keys and electronic decoders have landed in the hands of professional car thieves, helping them to steal vehicles from homes and workplaces. So it's more important than ever to make sure you're one step ahead and keep your car safe. 
The risk of a car being stolen is greater early in the morning, this is thought to be around the time many people are getting ready for work. In cold weather, leaving the car running on the drive to defrost is a no-no, as this gives thieves the perfect opportunity to drive away. 
How can you protect your car? 
Here are some tips to help prevent your vehicle from being stolen. 
1. Never leave it running 
Firstly, never leave your car running without you. This is not only bad for the environment, but with ever increasing fuel costs, it will hit you in the pocket and of course, this makes it super easy for a thief to steal. 
2. Relay theft 
Modern cars are typically fitted with a smart key which allows drivers to operate the door locks, boot and/or ignition without clicking or inserting the key into the vehicle. However, the signal from the smart key is active 24/7 and can be hacked by thieves, through doors and windows, without taking the key. Simple solutions include a key wallet, which will prevent the signal transmitting when it is not in use. 
3. Fool-proof devices 
Alarms and immobilisers are fitted as standard in modern vehicles, but as relay theft shows, technology is improving in the hands of thieves at the same rate. 
Old-school security can deter opportunist criminals. If they see a steering wheel lock through the window, they’re less likely to make an attempt. 
Having CCTV at home is an excellent security option. New camera systems are great value for money. Operating via an app, the system alerts you if someone enters the driveway. Whether you are at home or not, you can warn them off. 
4. Always remember to lock it! 
How many times have you got to your car in a morning, only to find you haven’t locked it? Sometimes if you’re distracted after parking, you might not realise that the lock hasn’t clicked into action. Always check before walking away. 
5. Car keys 
Never leave your car keys in the vehicle. This might seem obvious, but we know that some drivers do this. 
Car thieves have a lot of success entering a property in search of car keys. We recommend not only ensuring your doors and windows are locked, but also hiding car keys away from the obvious places which are typically, by the front or back doors. 
6. Parking on a road 
If you are unable to park your vehicle on your own property, try to leave it under a street light as this will deter thieves who could be noticed when attempting to break-in. 
As a customer of Hedon Insurance, you will never be left to deal with this on your own. If your car has been stolen, our team can manage the claim. Your legal expenses can be upgraded to include a guaranteed replacement vehicle for up to 14 days, if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered. 
For more information, please call us on 01482 707800. 
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