If your caravan insurance premium is due for renewal on 1st January 2022, we can find you a quote right now. 
Hedon Insurance is very competitive on caravan insurance and we have found this year demand has been greater than ever before, due to sales going through the roof during the pandemic. 
Specialist caravan insurance gives valuable financial protection in case of any unforeseen circumstances.  A standard caravan insurance policy usually covers: 
• Accidental damage: If your caravan is damaged in an accident, whether it’s detached or being towed. 
• Third-party liability: If someone’s property is damaged following an accident or someone is injured. 
• Malicious damage: If your caravan is damaged as a result of criminal activity. 
• Extreme weather: If your caravan gets damaged in severe weather or a storm. 
• Theft: If your caravan is stolen at a caravan, park, campsite or from your home. 
As a local independent insurance broker, we can identify the age and value of most caravan makes and models, ensuring that yours is adequately insured for replacement, even if it’s something unusual. 
This includes touring caravans, static caravans, motor homes, lodges and park home insurance policies. 
You can call our team up until 14:30 on Christmas Eve or between Christmas and New Year (29-30 December) 09:00-17:00 or until 14:30 on New Year's Eve. 
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