The Highway Code has been updated and the changes affect all road users. 
Pedestrians have priority 
Pedestrians are now being seen as the most likely to be injured in a collision. There are 3 new rules which give pedestrians the right of way over road users. This includes drivers of any type of vehicle, cyclists, scooters and horse-riders. 
Rule H1: applies to all road users and says that it’s important that everyone is aware of the Highway Code and their responsibility for the safety of others. The rule reminds us that it may not be obvious that other road users may have impaired sight, hearing or mobility. 
Rule H2: wait for the pedestrian to cross the junction before turning is the most significant change. It says that if you are turning in to a road and a pedestrian is waiting, you must give-way to let them cross. 
Rule 163: For drivers, cyclists now have more priority on the roads. The new rules state that drivers must leave a minimum gap of 2 metres at the side of a cyclist, when passing on the road at over 30mph. 
For anyone riding a bicycle, you should now ride in the middle of the lane if you are: 
On a quiet road or street 
In slow moving traffic 
Approaching a junction or a narrow road 
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