If your children have gone off to university, it will give some peace-of-mind to know that they have adequate contents insurance. 
This is a good reason to call us and ask for a suitable policy, however, we have compiled the following information to help you: 
In terms of insurance requirements for university students this will depend on the levels of cover required. A lot of university halls will already offer a basic level of student insurance, but many students just don't realise they're covered. However, this free student insurance might only cover a limited range of items which must be in the room at the time of the crime, with doors and windows fully secured. 
Laptops etc., can be covered by the parents’ insurance under a section called ‘Contents Temporarily Removed’. This is normally restricted to a set sum insured and with most of our insurance panel, the student’s permanent home address must be the same as the parents’ address. Additional cover for items away from the home/halls of residence can normally be covered under the Personal Possessions section of the parents’ policy. 
Care has to be taken to ensure there are no specific exclusions or endorsements with regards to cover such as; single article limits and if the items need to be secured in their own locked room, there may be restrictions in cover if items are left in communal areas, as this is deemed not to be a secure environment. 
It is a good idea to think about which items are the most important, usually laptops will be needed for study purposes and mobile phones to keep in touch. These can be covered separately to general contents cover through Gadget Insurance. 
If you are unsure as to whether your children will be covered, please don’t hesitate to contact us - 01482 707800 or via Facebook
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