Drivers can save hundreds of pounds a year on their car insurance by switching provider, yet most stay on the same policy and pay far more than they should. 
As a broker, we shop around for the best premium, rather than simply renewing the insurer's quote, which is likely to be much higher. 
Lots of our new clients come to us after struggling with comparison sites. They might seem convenient but if you don’t read the small print, you may discover that you are under insured when it comes to the crunch. As your broker, our team of advisors at Hedon Insurance will ensure you are adequately covered. 
Here’s some tips to help reduce your motor insurance premiums further: 
Shop around! As your broker we do this for you. 
Number of named drivers - make sure only regular drivers are listed. The premium will be affected by the youngest driver. 
Pay annually - if you can, pay in full rather than monthly. 
Protect your no-claims bonus. 
Increase your voluntary excess. If you are willing to pay more towards the cost of a claim, it will reduce your premium. 
Fit vehicle security. 
Reduce your miles. Only use your car for commuting and driving long distance. This is better for your health, the environment and reduces your premium. 
Clear your garage and keep your car inside. This is good feng shui and reduces your premium. 
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