Insurance can sound complicated, with lots of jargon. So here's a few tips: 
Excess: The amount you agree to pay towards your claim. For example, if your laptop is covered for £500 with an excess of £100, you would receive a payout of £400 if it’s stolen. The higher the excess you choose to pay, the lower your premiums will be. 
No-claims discount: If you avoid making any claims, you can build up a no-claims discount (NCD) which is applied in future years and can knock a big chunk off your premiums. 
Paying upfront: You normally have the option to either pay your insurance premiums monthly or as an annual lump sum. It usually works out cheaper to pay up front. 
Walk-in theft: This is when an item is stolen with no trace of a forced entry. If you’re sharing accommodation, it’s definitely worth considering adding this insurance to your policy. That said, it always pays to check your room is locked and secure before leaving. 
Exclusions: Every insurance policy will come with some exclusions, which are events or items the insurance doesn’t cover. Make sure you’re aware of exactly what you are and are not covered for. 
For the removal of all doubt, please call our advisors at Hedon Insurance on 01482 707800. 
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