This year Humberside Police has launched a new force-wide bicycle crime prevention scheme to help keep bikes safe and protect them from theft. 
Officers and staff have been trained to put security marks on cycles and help people register their bikes with the Bike Register. This also gives you the opportunity to find out how best to secure bikes at home and outside. 
Crime linked to the theft of bicycles accounts for on average 2% of crime nationally. However in Humberside, since 2018, it equates to 3.21% of all crime. 
Most of the cycle crimes in Humberside are thefts, where bikes have been left unattended and insecure, or with poor security in busy areas — affording an opportunist thief the chance to simply walk or ride away undetected. 
Though some are taken in burglaries and robberies, where more than one bike might be stolen, and some are targeted specifically to order. 
The financial loss to victims is huge, with the average retail price of a new bicycle being around £500. This could mean a loss of exercise or fun for kids, but many people use bikes as their main form of transport for work and leisure. 
Look out on Humber Beat for cycle marking events in your area. 
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