We are pleased to welcome Rebecca to our Hull Office 
Please join us in welcoming Rebecca to our Hull office. 
Rebecca is super excited to be working for Hedon Insurance. Originally from Goole she moved to Hull to study Criminology at the University of Hull. Before coming to Hedon Insurance, she worked in a handful of busy bars in the city centre but soon wanted to settle down with a proper job. 
Here is some information to help you get to know Rebecca… 
Favourite performers? I have seen quite a few artists/performers live but going to see Madonna in London in 2023 tops them all. I’d say music wise she’s not my favourite, but she put on a show! 
Favourite place in the UK? Manchester, I love the city bustle, and they have the best DnB scene. 
Favourite place in the world? It’s going to sound sad, but probably my parents’ house! It always feels like home to me and being there makes me feel happy and safe. Second to that, I love a good festival so I would have to say Parklife Festival. Work is also on the list though! 
Mostly found doing? Probably having debates about whatever is on the news that day. I’ve taken up piano so you can find me playing that as well. I love trying new things, so you will have to look hard to find me! 
Dream gig? My Chemical Romance or Chase and Status! Being at the front of the crowd, dancing and singing freely. 
Karaoke song (if you had to)? Ohhhhh okay okay… probably Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis.. always gets the crowds going and it’s a good message for life too! 
Favourite food or food type: I have a massive sweet tooth so anything sweet and sugary, I love carrot cake with cream cheese icing or Mexican food too – I am smitten for a good quesadilla. 
 What do you like doing in your spare time? I like to play piano, spend time with my boyfriend and annoy him. Or spend time with friends listening to music. I like to be a socialite! 
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