Talking about death often meets resistance, it’s a difficult subject to broach - no one wants to think about losing their loved ones, especially while we are all fit and healthy. 
In our experience, making arrangements for a funeral while you are fit and well gives peace-of-mind, to know that everything is taken care of. It also means your family will not have to make difficult decisions during this sad time. 
Organising a funeral following the death of a loved one is traumatic and can be very costly. 
Some of our clients choose to manage their own funeral to ease the burden on others and a trusted funeral plan provider ensures your funeral goes ahead according to your wishes. 
According to the Funeral Planning Authority, at the end of 2019, over 2 million funeral plans had been sold in the UK since 2002. 
Benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan 
Pay towards your funeral in advance, at today’s prices. 
Include any personal wishes and limit the costs. 
Guarantee that the services included in the plan are covered. 
Things to consider 
It is a good idea to discuss your wishes with some of your loved ones, to explain that you have arranged a pre-paid funeral plan for their benefit. 
Confirm where your pre-paid funeral plan is located and who to contact in the event of your death. 
You may also want to share some of the detail included in the plan, so family members know what to expect. 
What you can expect with a Dignity pre-paid funeral plan 
Our funeral plan provider is Dignity, registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) which regulates the operation of prepaid funeral plan providers. By registering with the FPA, providers must show that they are consistently operating to a high standard and looking after customer interests properly. 
Financial security 
With a funeral plan, the money you pay is placed in either a trust fund or insurance policy, which then pays the funeral director the amount required for the funeral when the time comes. 
Personal requests / specific wishes 
Our pre-paid funeral plans allow you to document as much or as little about your personal funeral wishes as you want. 
This could be very general, such as specifying the colour of the funeral flowers, or as some people wish, the charity you’d like to receive donations in your memory. It is also possible to detail songs, readings, order of service and location, etc. 
If any of these personal wishes were to incur a cost, they would normally be met at the time of need. Some funeral plans will allow you to make a contribution towards the cost of the services in advance, to further ease the burden on loved ones at an already stressful time. 
In summary, as difficult a subject as it is to talk about your own funeral, a pre-paid funeral plan removes any doubt, giving your loved ones some comfort during a difficult time. 
Our pre-paid funeral plans have a £100 discount until 11 May 2021. To find out more, please call or email us on 01482 707800 or
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