Our advisers at Hedon Insurance keep in touch with clients and always ask for updates well in advance of the renewal. 
If your insurance broker isn’t asking these types of questions, you could risk invalidating your insurance. However, you could also inadvertently invalidate your own insurance if you: 
Allow builders and decorators to enter your home when you’re not there. It is wise to inform us of any work you are having done too. 
Forget to update your personal details. We will always check at least once per year, but please do add us to the list when informing your bank etc. 
Posting holiday selfies! Some insurers may penalise you if you make it obvious that you’re away from home. 
Install a new cat flap - some insurers consider this to make the home less secure so it is worth letting us know about this change to avoid disappointment in the event of a claim. 
Move a lodger in - most insurers consider this to be putting your home and possessions at risk. 
Fail to dial 999 immediately after discovering you’ve been burgled. Some insurers see the delay as being suspicious. 
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