An accident can be expensive and can therefore cause panic and stress. If you accidentally cause damage to your property, at home or your vehicle, then accidental damage cover can insure you to protect against these mishaps. 
An accident is considered to be sudden and unexpected damage to your property or contents by an outside force. It is different to damage caused by wear and tear, something which happens gradually over a period of time. 
Home contents insurance accidental damage cover 
Accidental damage in the home, could be a paint spillage, a sugary drink on a computer keyboard or even a DIY disaster. 
Buildings insurance accidental damage cover 
A window smashed by a ball, a heavy item cracking the bath, or hammering a nail through a concealed pipe in the wall, will all be considered accidental. 
What does accidental damage insurance NOT cover for your buildings and contents? 
Wear and tear on any soft furnishings 
Mechanical failures 
Damage caused by anyone who is paying to stay with you - if you have lodgers or Airbnb guests, your insurer will need to be aware of this and you will require further insurance to be protected 
Poor workmanship by a tradesperson 
Accidental damage caused by neighbours 
Damage caused by pets. 
Accidental damage to household buildings & contents is an optional upgrade which you can purchase. 
Do I need accidental damage cover? 
As an optional extra, the choice is yours. You may choose to pay for the cost of accidents and breakages. However, if you know you would not be able to replace specific items, accidental damage cover could be a benefit to you. 
Whilst your premium will increase due to having a claim and losing no claims bonus, it could replace your old items for new. 
Motor vehicle accidental damage cover 
If you clip your wing mirror, a tree branch falls on your bonnet or you might even reverse into a lamp post, these types of accidents are covered under the accidental damage section of a fully comprehensive policy. 
What does accidental damage insurance NOT cover for motor insurance? 
Any type of mechanical failure or breakdown 
Electrical faults 
Roadside assistance 
Gradual wear and tear to either the interior or exterior 
Any parts replacement 
 Will I have an excess to pay? 
The policy excess is the amount you will pay towards the cost of a claim. If your policy excess is £500, you will therefore have to pay the first £500 of the claim and your insurer will cover the rest. 
You should always read your policy documents or ask us to explain the detail of any insurance policy, to understand exactly what is included and what will not be covered. 
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