Martin Lewis shared some valuable advice on reducing insurance costs, suggesting that if you request a quote three weeks prior to renewal, this can cut the premium in half. 
At Hedon Insurance, it is standard practice to invite renewals a minimum of three weeks in advance. It is true that the closer you get to the renewal date, the higher the associated costs. By extending invitations for renewal three weeks before and fixing the pricing at that point, we offer a unique advantage that is not available on comparison sites. Additionally, should you wish to make any changes, informing us as soon as possible enables us to secure more favourable rates as Insurers can change their rates daily with prices becoming more expensive the nearer you get to the renewal date. 
Obtaining insurance quotes well in advance of the policy renewal is prudent. Our brokers thoroughly assess client needs, search for the most competitive rates, and explore tailored coverage options. This proactive approach not only yields a comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape but also empowers clients to make informed decisions, potentially resulting in premium savings. As insurance brokers, our commitment is to guide clients through this process, ensuring you secure optimal coverage at the most cost-effective rates available in the market. 
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