The MOT test can be a financial worry for many drivers. However, some fails are due to minor faults which can be prevented if you know about them before the test. 
Cracks on the number plate 
One crack covering a letter on the plate can be the difference between a pass or fail. 
Air freshener 
It can be viewed as blocking the driver’s view and an obstruction of vision can lead to an automatic failure. 
Number plate lights 
It’s a legal requirement to have fully functioning number plate lights, so police, other road users and speed cameras can easily identify your car. This can lead to a fixed penalty fine (at any time). 
Seat belts 
A failure is imminent if seat belts are frayed, it becomes an extremely dangerous problem once the condition worsens. Also check they click in securely and don't come out if pulled with force. 
Screen wash 
This is an easy failure with a simple solution, grab some ready-to-use screen wash and keep a fluid bottle in the boot incase you run-out. 
Reverse lights 
Vehicles from September 2009 must have working reversing lights. 
Fuel cap seal 
A strong smell of petrol and a cap that won’t seal means it’s likely your fuel cap is worn out. This will cause a failure. 
You can check the status of your vehicle, or one you plan to purchase HERE
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