With stormy weather on the increase in the UK, this checklist can help you with prevention rather than cure. 
Here is a basic checklist so that you can inspect your property with the aim of prevently storms doing too much damage. 
Is rainwater flowing away from your exterior drains? 
Guttering - is there any damage or debris preventing water flow? 
Cracks in brick work or render can allow water ingress. 
Leaks - check around windows and doors. 
Check the loft for hidden leaks and signs of damp. 
Outside drainage - check areas that breach damp course heights, e.g. patios, decking or driveway. 
Garden furniture - store it away or tie it down. It can fly around in high winds. 
Tree safety - are trees near your property healthy and sturdy? 
Inspect flat roofs for damage or leaks - these typically have shorter life span. 
Roof tiles - can you see cracked or slipped slates? 
Mortar on chimneys - ensure it is in good condition and not degraded. 
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