Our advisers at Hedon Insurance love nothing more than helping clients with enquiries for complex insurance needs. 
In some cases, a standard policy may not be sufficient and you may require a tailored, unique quote to cover specific needs. 
Complex risks don’t fit within the ‘normal’ policy framework. Some property owners will need a policy that goes above and beyond any ‘normal’ cover. 
Finding the right insurance policies when you have complicated insurance needs can be tricky. Seeking advice from our experienced insurance advisers can save time, money and it can also avoid disappointment when it comes to making an insurance claim. 
Complicated insurance needs can be any of the following: 
Unoccupied properties 
Properties in trust 
Properties with historic structural or flood problems 
Complex claims history 
If insurance has been cancelled or rejected 
Our approach is to handle each client on a case-by-case basis, paying close attention to risks. We work with home owners and landlords to find a suitable policy. 
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