GAP Insurance is for those who want to ensure they will not be left out of pocket in the event that their car is stolen or written off after an accident. 
If your vehicle is stolen or written off after an accident it is likely that your motor insurer will only pay the current market value for the vehicle. This amount could be less than what is still owed to your finance company and will be less than you originally paid for the vehicle. 
GAP insurance pays the difference from the insurance pay-out so you are not left out of pocket. 
Our insurers can provide a range of GAP covers for up to 3 years**: 
Purchase Price Protection GAP – in the event of a write off, this returns you to the original invoice price of your vehicle. 
Finance/Lease GAP – Clears your outstanding finance/lease charges in the event of a write off. 
Provision of a Temporary Replacement Vehicle for up to 28 days during total loss negotiations 
Reimbursement of your excess up to £250 in the event of a total loss* 
Example: You purchased a vehicle for £25,000 and it is written off after 18 months. Your motor insurers pay you £20,000. To replace your vehicle for a new one you need to find £5,000. 
Price Protection GAP could pay you the missing £5,000. 
**Purchase Price Protection provides cover for up to a maximum of 3 years from the purchase date of your vehicle. 
*In the event of your insurer being unable to reclaim the cost of the claim from a Third Party Insurer 
Terms and conditions apply. 
As always, you can rely on our friendly team to advise on your individual requirements. Please call us on 01482 707800. 
So don’t get frustrated with comparison sites - deal with the real people you are used to and call Hedon Insurance on 01482 707800. 
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