Ensuring your home remains a haven of safety involves being aware of potential fire hazards and taking preventive measures. Here's some Fire Safety Tips to minimise the risk of fires in your home: 
Regularly Test Your Smoke Alarm - It’s as simple as pressing the button on your smoke alarm. If it beeps weakly, replace the batteries immediately. 
Inspect Heating Sources - Annual professional checks on your heating sources can help prevent malfunctions that might lead to fires. 
Cooking Safety - Never leave open flames unattended. Ensure someone watches over the stove if you need to step away. Keep flammable items like curtains away from cooking areas to avoid accidental fires. 
Household Appliances - Use appliances like fridges, freezers, washers, and dryers only when you're at home. Schedule yearly checks and clean filters regularly to prevent potential hazards. 
Check Electrical Leads and Extension Cords - Regularly inspect wires for damage when you plug something in. Replace frayed or chewed wires promptly. Avoid overloading sockets and turn them off at night. 
Candle Safety - Enjoy scented candles responsibly by blowing them out before leaving a room. Keep them away from flammable materials and out of reach from pets or children. 
Handle Electrical Products with Care - Take extra precautions with hot styling tools and charging devices. Never leave them on soft surfaces, unplug them when not in use, and be wary of overheating. 
Open Fires - Don’t leave a live fire unattended. Ensure ashes cool down before disposal in a designated metal container. Use a fire guard to prevent stray sparks from causing fires on flooring or rugs. 
By incorporating these simple yet effective practices into your routine, you can create a safer home environment, reducing the risk of fire incidents. Stay vigilant and prioritise these safety measures for your peace of mind. 
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