The Flood Re Scheme and Protecting Your Home from Flooding. 
In the UK, a significant number of homes face increased difficulty in obtaining insurance coverage due to their heightened vulnerability to flooding. 
Properties situated in flood-prone areas may encounter challenges securing affordable insurance premiums, reflecting the elevated risk of potential flood damage. 
To address this issue, the Flood Re scheme was established as a collaborative effort between the Government and insurers. Its primary objective is to enhance the accessibility and affordability of flood cover within household insurance policies. 
There are various avenues through which property owners with homes at high risk of flooding can access assistance and guidance. For instance, residences situated along riverbanks, susceptible to flooding, are receiving questionnaires. These aim to assess whether they might benefit from flood mitigation measures like installing flood barriers or air brick covers. 
Given the escalating threat of floods attributed to climate change, more homes are exposed to such risks. As flood protection measures are relatively straightforward to implement, they present a viable option for homeowners in East Yorkshire seeking added reassurance. 
Should you encounter challenges in securing insurance coverage for your home or are contemplating a move to a flood-prone areas like Kingswood in Hull or Dunswell our team can offer guidance and support, please call us on 01482 707800. 
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