The BBC recently reported that UK insurers plan to replace petrol vehicles and damaged boilers with sustainable alternatives. 
Road transport is one of the largest polluters with UK Drivers travelling 118 billion miles every year*. However, the UK Net Zero Carbon Emissions Target aims to decarbonise all vehicles by 2050. 
Since the 1970s the motor industry has come a long way — taking 50 new cars to produce the same amount of exhaust pollutant emissions as one single vehicle built in 1970**. However, to achieve the Target in the next 29 years, there is much work to be done. 
Climate Change Roadmap 
The Association of British Insurers' (ABI) Climate Change Roadmap aims to move insurers operating across all sectors towards a net-zero target. The focus is on sustainable pension investments and green replacements. 
New for old insurance is a type of cover that helps you to replace items that have been damaged, lost or stolen with brand new products of equivalent value. It allows you to get a replacement item more quickly as the product will be readily available to buy. 
This process is in review and The ABI said the plans could "herald a new approach" to the many thousands of claims are settled each year: 
2.6 million motor insurance claims were settled last year*** and, 
737,000 property claims 
As part of the plans, Motor Insurers are to replace stolen or written-off petrol vehicles with electric alternatives to improve sustainability. 
Home Insurers 
In the home, from 2025, gas boilers will no longer be permitted to be fitted. Damaged boilers could also be replaced with more sustainable models. 
Claimants may also be encouraged to accept repaired or recycled items as part of a settlement for damaged or stolen property, rather than brand new items. 
*The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) 
*** The Association of British Insurers (ABI). 
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