New research by Vanarama has unveiled the impact of job titles on insurance prices, as insurers seek to shield themselves from costly claims. Car insurance has experienced a steady increase in recent years, with drivers facing substantial annual costs, some quoted as much as £8,000. 
Tradespeople will bear the most significant impact this year, with data suggesting their insurance costs will surge from £474.14 to £744.02. Following closely are mechanics, who could see a 61% rise next year, reaching an average of £728.26 compared to just £453 in the previous year. 
Graphic designers will encounter the most substantial increase of the year, with a 66% jump pushing their average premiums to £711. 
On the other hand, HR managers will have the lowest costs, despite a 22% rise, paying just under £530. 
The average cost of UK car insurance in 2024 is now £613.91 per year – an 81% increase from the 2020 figure of £339.16. 
The Highest Premium Occupations are: 
Tradespeople - £744 
Vehicle Technician - £728 
Graphic designer - £711 
Web designer - £697 
Web developer - £697 
Programmer - £697 
Developer - £697 
Designer - £672 
Journalist - £662 
Driver - £662 
For electric vehicles, 96 different occupations will require payment of more than £1,000 for their insurance cover. 
When it comes to your job title, our advice is; stick to the facts. Although the job title categories don’t always include your specific job, it is crucial to be as accurate as possible and, always include commuting and business travel if applicable to you. The implications can be significant, and some insurers may not pay out in the event of an accident. 
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