We had super feedback about last month's blog on how to Beat the January Blues... 
So we've decided to offer some monthly tips to improve mood, motivation and wellbeing. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to email, call or contact us via social media, so that we can share your positivity with other clients. 
Fitness in February 
There are two types of people: those who enjoy exercise and those who don't. Did you join a gym or take up a new form of exercise in January but have already dumped the idea? If this is you, find something you do enjoy, that you can crave rather than dread. Moving around on a regular basis is good for the mind, body and soul. 
Join a walking group - Mam Tor in the Peak District was glorious last weekend. It's a free day out, fabulous in all weathers, there is public transport and, if you have mobility issues there is vehicular access to the foot of the hill where it's a beautiful sight standing on top or not. 
Talk to a Personal Trainer - if you find it difficult to motivate yourself, a PT can give the help you need. This can be for any type of fitness: gyms, yoga/pilates, running, etc. A PT can do regular sessions, or set a programme to follow in your own time. Ask around, there's plenty of local experts and it's always a good idea to get some formal instruction to avoid injury. 
Accountability buddy/group - it's easy to let yourself off from doing anything. But if you have a friend or group of people to be accountable, usually when you commit to something, that support encourages you see it through. 
Are you an extrovert or introvert? Understanding how to best recharge your batteries is very useful. Some people get energy from social situations and others recharge in solitude, while an ambivert takes energy from both. Since lockdown, these characteristics have become more apparent and understanding this about yourself and those around you can be a helpful tool when navigating the wheel of life, which brings us on to... 
Wheel of life - some of the keys areas include: health, family, career, wealth, leisure, spirituality, giving back, social and more. If you put all of your energy into one or two, when one falls away you are left with a little. Whereas, if you fill up or at least have something all areas and there's plenty to fall back on. 
Happy February! 
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