No-claims discount is a reward system for insurance customers who can keep a clean record by not making any insurance claims. 
This reward system is becoming increasingly popular with insurance companies, offering discounts to drivers who remain claim-free over lengthy periods. 
While no-claims discounts are great incentives for drivers to be more careful, they also benefit the insurers. By offering these discounts, insurers can reduce their costs by taking on fewer risks. 
A no-claims bonus built up over the years can save your insurance premiums, potentially worth hundreds of pounds per year. However, just one bump and its resulting insurance claim can wreck that discount or significantly reduce it. 
Should I protect my no-claims bonus? 
Insurance providers usually offer an option to protect your no-claims bonus. Your Insurer will allow several at-fault incidents without affecting your no-claims bonus, but the specific rules for applying this will depend on your provider. 
However, it is essential to remember that no claims bonus protection does not protect the overall price of your policy. In the event of a fault accident, your premium may still increase, and all accidents remain on your insurance record. 
Can my no-claims bonus expire? 
Your no-claims bonus is only usually valid for two years after your policy ends. So, if you don’t drive for a few years, you must build up a new no-claims bonus from scratch. 
What happens when I provide proof of my no-claims bonus? 
When you ask an insurer for a quote, it will apply a discount based on the number of years of no-claims bonus you say you have. 
Once you provide proof of your no-claims bonus, the policy's cost should remain the same as long as the information matches up. 
What happens to my no-claims discount if I have always had a company car or I am buying a second vehicle? 
If you have sole use of your company car, are buying a second car, or have been driving on someone else’s insurance, some insurance providers will consider your claim-free years and offer an equivalent discount. 
For company cars, your employer should be able to confirm that you had sole use of the vehicle for social, domestic and pleasure purposes, as well as for business use, along with how many years of claim-free driving you have. 
For second cars and named driver no claims bonus, you may need to provide a copy of the policy schedule detailing you as a driver on the policy. 
At Hedon Insurance, we can check to see if our panel of insurers will allow an introductory discount. They will ask for proof of your claim-free driving experience on another vehicle, and quotes are subject to specific terms and conditions. Our experienced staff will be able to check if you are eligible. 
You can call us on 01482 707800, email or contact us via LIVE CHAT on our website. 
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