With the festive season just around the corner, we didn’t want to leave it too late to remind clients about the risks of getting behind the wheel the morning after the night before, when you might still be over the legal limit for alcohol. 
252,069 breath tests were conducted in pandemic-hit 2020 by police 
18% less than the year previous - the lowest volume of tests on record* 
Despite a decline in the number of tests, positive samples increased 
17.2% of samples were over the limit - the highest proportion since 2003 
Experts said the decline in tests and spike in drivers blowing over the legal limit was due to lower policing numbers. 
Today, drink-driving is much less common. However, many don’t consider the consequences of drinking alcohol when driving the morning after. Being involved in a road accident or a random breath test could result in; Police arrest, driving ban, large fine and points on your licence. 
Alcohol leaves the body at a rate of roughly one unit per hour, but this varies massively depending on age, gender, height and weight, as well as a variety of other factors. 
Whilst we will always advise to avoid drinking alcohol if you know you have to drive the next day, it is also recommended that you: 
Limit the amount you consume 
Opt for lower strength drinks 
Alternate alcohol with soft drinks 
Stop drinking earlier in the evening 
*Police in England & Wales (with the exception of the Metropolitan, Norfolk, Suffolk and Sussex forces) conducted just 285,380 roadside breath tests in 2019, according to the Home Office - down 11.58 per cent from the 322,769 carried out in 2018. 
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