In recent times, insurance premiums have seen a noticeable uptick across the board, affecting both household and motor insurance. 
This increase is not arbitrary; rather, it can be attributed to a combination of factors that are shaping the insurance landscape. As your trusted insurance broker, we believe it's crucial to shed light on these elements to help you navigate the evolving insurance market and make informed decisions. 
Household Insurance
Weather-related Claims: The surge in extreme weather events has led to an increase in claims for household insurance. From floods to storms, the frequency and severity of these incidents have placed a strain on insurance payouts, influencing the overall premium rates. 
Inflation: The broader economic context plays a role in insurance costs. Inflation has driven up the prices of both labour and materials, affecting the expenses associated with repairs and rebuilding in the aftermath of household event claims. 
Supply Chain Disruptions: The world has witnessed unprecedented disruptions in supply chains, impacting the availability of both labour and materials. This scarcity has contributed to delays in property repairs and replacements, influencing the overall cost and subsequently, insurance premiums. 
Increased Costs of Appliances and Furniture: The rising cost of household appliances and furniture further adds to the financial burden on insurance providers. As these items become more expensive to repair or replace, insurance premiums are adjusted accordingly. 
Vehicle Insurance
Car Theft on the Rise: The unfortunate increase in car theft incidents has become a significant contributor to the escalation of car insurance premiums. The cost of compensating policyholders for stolen vehicles, coupled with the expenses related to investigating and preventing theft, is reflected in new premium rates. 
Escalating Car Repair Costs: The complexity of modern vehicles and the integration of advanced technologies have led to a surge in repair costs. From specialised technicians to high-tech components, insurance companies are facing higher bills for repairing damaged vehicles, contributing to the overall increase in premiums. 
Import Delays and Parts Availability: Delays in the import of essential car parts have become more common, prolonging repair times and increasing the cost of claims for insurance companies. These delays impact the efficiency of the repair process and, consequently, the premiums paid by policyholders. 
General Factors Affecting Premiums 
It's essential to recognise that insurance premiums can increase even if a policyholder has not made a claim. This is because insurance operates as a collective system, where all policyholders contribute to a shared fund. If the funds in this collective pot deplete due to the increased costs of claims, premiums may rise for all policyholders. 
Customer Service 
Understanding the factors driving the increase in insurance premiums is the first step towards making informed decisions about your coverage. As your dedicated insurance broker, we are committed to assisting you through these changes. Our experienced advisers will support your queries, ensuring a comprehensive review and discussion of your insurance requirements this year. Together, we can navigate the evolving insurance landscape and tailor a solution that best meets your needs while managing the impact of these external factors on your premiums. 
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