To continue with our wellbeing theme, we wanted to introduce vision boards and hopefully won’t be teaching grannies how to suck eggs! 
The idea is that by pinning a printed version of your vision board in a place you will see each day, can help to inspire and achieve your goals and aspirations. It's important to include goals that only you can make happen and goals you can actually achieve. However, it’s still important to think big, if that’s what you want. 
For example, if your savings goal is a new car, don't just write 'new car’ but include a photo of the car you want to own. 
There are no rules when it comes to vision boards, since it's about crafting something that will inspire you to realise your dreams and goals on a daily basis. Some vision boards hone in on a singular idea, while others look at the bigger picture of what you might want the future to look like. 
You can cut and paste a picture from a magazine or find images on the internet. You are only limited by your imagination and this is a really fun activity to do with your children, friends and/or work colleagues. 
To get started: 
Write a list of goals 
Start searching for images 
You could draw your own 
Include words as well as images 
Put it in a picture frame 
Glance at it each time you pass 
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