When you apply for car and home insurance, you can also pay extra for additional features which tailor the insurance cover to suit your needs. 
When quoting for your insurance, the team at Hedon Insurance will always review your current policy, to see if you are missing any of the features and discuss your requirements to help you decide if optional extras are relevant for you. 
What is the benefit of this extra cost? 
Before adding any extras to your policy, we will always ask questions such as; do you think you will need it? Does it cover what you need it to do and, can you afford the extra cost? 
Sometimes comparison sites will offer to include some optional extras free of charge, however this doesn’t always mean that you are saving money, as it could be cheaper to take the insurance from another insurer and bolt on these additional covers. 
It’s worth knowing that some banks provide optional extras as part of their service. Therefore, we recommend checking with them too there is no point doubling up if you already have the cover elsewhere. 
What are the different types of insurance optional extras to include with your car insurance? 
Motor Legal starts at £25.00 per year to add to your policy. It provides extra protection against uninsured losses. 
Breakdown cover starts at £67 per year. It provides roadside assistance and recovery to a garage if your car breaks down. Particularly useful if your vehicle is more than 5 years old. It gives peace of mind to know you will be recovered in the event of a breakdown. 
Key Cover - starts at £17.50. It covers the cost of locksmith charges, new locks, replacement keys, onward transport costs, vehicle hire and accommodation costs. 
Protect your no claims 
You can pay extra to protect your no claims bonus, so that you will not lose your no claims discount if you have to make a claim. You usually have to wait until you have at least four years' no claims built up. 
To discuss which optional extras are suitable for your needs, please either join our LIVE CHAT at the bottom of this page, call us on 01482 707800 or email info@hedoninsurance.co.uk. 
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